Theme Slider jQuery FullScreen Touch Slider Plugin

Theme Slider jQuery FullScreen Touch Slider Plugin

Modern Touch-Enabled FullScreen Slider with Unlimited Layers and Animations.


  • Responsive, Mobile-Friendly with Touch/Swipe Support
  • 91 Predefined Layer Positions, 650+ Font Styles (Google Fonts), 360+ Icons (Font Awesome Icons)
  • Unlimited Layers, Sublayers, Text Layers, Transitions, All of Them should be Animated
  • Compatible with All Major Browsers
  • Custom YouTube Player with Additional Options (Autoplay, Resize to Fit to the Screen, Loop, Hide Control Bar)
  • Customizable Animation Time, Delay for Each Main Slide, Sublayer, Text Layer, Custom Options for Text Animations
  • 80+ Animation Types, combined with Easing Effects you can create more than 300 Unique Animations
  • 10+ Main Slider Animations with Hardware Accelerated CSS3 Technology
  • 30+ Text Animations
  • 10+ Sublayer Animations with in and out animations including random type
  • 30+ Easing Effects
  • AutoPlay, Control Options (color, position for global or each slides)
  • Integrated Preloader with 5 custom animations
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