jQuery Gridmanager

jQuery Gridmanager

A way of building rows and grids with built in editable regions; requires jQuery, jQueryUI, Bootstrap 3.x, optional TinyMCE/CKeditor

Gridmanager allows you to create, reorder, update & delete rows and columns in grid layouts used by frameworks such as Bootstrap 3.x or Foundation 5.x

You can:

  • Drag and drop columns & rows
  • Resize, delete and add columns on the fly
  • Apply custom column and row classes
  • Nest rows within columns
  • Quickly edit the source code directly
  • Add row templates for common column width layouts
  • Add/Alter the ID of a column or row directly
  • Use the dynamically inserted editable regions to change column/row text
  • Tie in Rich Text Editors such as TinyMCE & CKEditor to those editable regions
  • Change layout modes for easy editing & previewing of responsive classes
  • Use fluid rows if you want
  • Create your own custom controls for easily extending functionality
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